Our Mission



Our mission is to provide unique driver training programs and educational products that will enhance the “Driving Experience” whilst significantly reducing the social and economic costs of Road Trauma.

We will use the latest technologies to deliver these innovations and our vibrant approach will set new standards in the road safety industry.

Our systems will provide a unique professional development resource that will assist businesses to meet their ongoing corporate responsibilities.

Our operations will set the standard for the driver education industry and help to reduce road trauma around the globe.

Driver Safety Australia is unique. We believe that we can deliver a level of professionalism and tailored service that has previously been unheard of the post-licence driver training field.

Our experience, expertise and commitment to developing new innovations all combine to allow us to offer the next generation in driver education systems.

This world first approach sets new standards in the road safety industry and gives Driver Safety Australia the means to supply a cost effective and streamlined training solution to drivers around the country.