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A technique consists of key fundamentals and precise steps that will refine an individual’s ability.

This unique enhancement program offers one-on-one instruction in your personal vehicle, transforming your driving and maximizing your experience and enjoyment. 

Automersion Phase 1

This half day program is designed to help you improve every aspect of your driving experience and is the ideal introduction to “the art of performance driving”.

It will give you insights into the capabilities and features of your special vehicle.

Our training focuses on key fundamentals around human factors and driver performance.  The course is based on highly personalised driver coaching.

We’ll cover:

Driver Bio-Mechanics
Principles of Performance Driving
Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics
Circuit Time

Automersion Phase 2

This full day program focuses on advanced driving techniques, vehicle dynamics and situational awareness.

It features one to one coaching and higher order skills training. This program will include in–depth coaching that allows you to progressively build your connection to the vehicle.

You’ll explore:

Advanced Bio-Mechanics
Stage 2 Driver Technique
Stage 2 Vehicle Dynamics
Vehicle Systems
Mentally Switching On
Visual Optimisation
Cornering Paths
Hazard Recognition and Avoidance
Extended Circuit and Skid Pan Time

Automersion Phase 3

This high level program builds on the foundations from the previous program and refines your personal driving style. It also allows you to drive your performance vehicle in a controlled environment to experience it’s dynamic capabilities and the scope of it’s performance envelope.

This full day program includes:

One to One Coaching
Advanced Bio-Mechanics
Advanced Throttle Control
Advanced Braking
Advanced Driving Drills
Advance Car Control
Corner Sequencing
Timed Activities
Extended Circuit and Skid Pan Time

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