Online Driving Courses

Driver Safety Australia can provide the following services:

On Line Training and Assessment

Individual Driver Risk Assessments

  • Each driver can be assessed on their risk level in four critical competencies – driver’s attitude, knowledge, concentration & observation and hazard perception

Online Driving Courses

  • A range of on-line courses are available. These provide consistent and cost effective training

Monthly Driver Safety Tips

  • We can provide monthly road safety video tips to continue to enhance the company‚Äôs road safety culture

Benefits of On-Line Training

In addition to delivering advantages in training consistency, access and operational cost efficiency, on line training provides a number of benefits in terms of capacity to learn and retain information:

  • 60% faster learning
  • 50% less learning time
  • 25-50% higher content retention
  • 56% greater learning gains
  • 50-60% better consistency of learning
  • 20-40% less delivery variance
  • 38-70% faster training compression