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Driver Safety Australia has an extensive library of on-line driver training programs. Our most popular programs are:

E-learning Driver Safety Induction

This program provides a quick refresher to existing drivers, and includes three units: The Driver and Human Factors; The Vehicle; and The Road Environment.

Each of these units covers various driving situations and offers practical strategies to help improve driving skills such as driving to reduce risk, vehicle dynamics, merging and traffic flow, reversing, and safe following distances.

Participants are tested at the end of each unit through a combination of multiple choice and true or false questions. All participants are awarded a Certificate of Achievement upon completion.

Fleet Safety 101

This program covers a wide range of driving and road safety issues, providing a foundation for an ongoing approach to road safety. It helps to not only increase safety and awareness, but also makes life behind the wheel more enjoyable. All participants are awarded a Certificate of Achievement upon completion. The course is structured around 10 modules, including driving techniques, safer driving, adverse conditions, tyres, and vehicle maintenance.

Each of these units discusses various driving situations and factors for safe and responsible vehicle use, as well as providing strategies to help improve driving and safety. The areas covered include mental preparation, knowing road rules, speed limits, mobile phones, drugs and alcohol, overtaking, and the three-second gap. In additional to level programs, DSA can also provide on-line training covering topics such as towing and heavy vehicle operation.

Develop Safe and Effective Towing Practices

Towing a large caravan, or trailer of any kind, requires a different skill set and presents many issues never faced by those who remain unhitched.

Unfortunately, many underestimate these challenges and their consequences.

This course was designed to provide a stable foundation for you to build upon, as you gain experience and confidence.

It will answer many of the questions or concerns you have and offers advice and tips on some of the more challenging aspects of towing.

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