In-Car Driving Courses

Driver training courses that are engaging, interactive and life saving

Driver Safety Australia also offers a wide range of in-vehicle driver training courses to suit individual requirements. These courses can offered as either accredited or non-accredited formats and can range from a short refresher session to full one and two day programs.

Supervised On Road Instruction

Hour long, one to one coaching sessions. These programs are ideal for any road user looking to enhance their driving techniques and general awareness on the road. One of our professional instructors will help you fine tune your driving technique and give you practical tips that you can apply every day.

Trailer and Towing Courses

Towing a caravan or trailer of any kind requires a different skill set compared to normal motoring. Our towing courses are designed to provide personal coaching to help make towing your trailer, caravan or boat easier and safer. We’ll cover everything you’ll need to know about correct hitching, weight distribution, how the trailer performs on the road and how to deal with those challenging low speed manoeuvres like reversing.

DATA Program

3 hours of intensive driver training. This program includes driver evaluation, instructional briefing, driving simulator session and on-road training. One of our DSA instructors will conduct an initial on road evaluation using our state of the art Track Motion data system. This provides a highly detailed snap shot of a person’s driving performance and allows us to design a driver training program specifically to match your requirements. Training incorporates both driving simulator sessions and on-road instruction.

DSA Driving Programs and Courses

DSA provides the training vehicles, instruction and course resources. The instructor to student ratio for the programs are 1 to 2 and/or 1 to 3.

DSA Driveability One Day Course

This short course incorporates classroom and simulator sessions with practical on-road training.

DSA Synergy – One Day Program

This full one day program provides drivers with the key fundamentals of an overall driving technique. It includes classroom, simulator and on-road training with vehicle dynamic sessions at the dedicated training venue.


  • Driving technique
  • The keys to proactive driving
  • Observation and identifying potential risks
  • Enhance driver and vehicle connection
  • Safety system review


 Key features

  • Integration of driver bio-mechanics
  • Sequence of Success = Attitude, Concentration, Effective Observations & Driving Skills
  • Driving Simulator Training
  • On-Road Evaluation
  • Certificate provided to all employees upon completion


  • Driving technique
  • The keys to driving excellence
  • Observation and identifying potential risks
  • Updated road rules
  • Safety system review

Key features

  • Personalised training
  • Vision set up
  • Smoothness of driving
  • Responsiveness
  • Smooth and Fluid Movement
  • Vehicle Management
  • Attitude of the driver

DSA Advantage – 2 Day Program

This program is our most comprehensive driver training course. The course is structured around a two day format. The program is delivered at the DSA driver training facility in Yatala and at a selection of dedicated driver training facilities. Participants experience on-road training in a range of environments as part this intensive program. This is further complemented vehicle dynamic training at a controlled “closed road’ training centre.


DSA 4X4 Synergy Program

This course addresses issues around rural driving and general 4×4 operation. Whilst it contains traditional off-road aspects, it also incorporates other higher order skill training as well as assessing driving risks during long rural/country driving.


  • Driving technique
  • Keys to driving excellence
  • Integration of driver bio-mechanics
  • Observation and identifying potential risks
  • Evaluate responses in adverse conditions
  • Induction into vehicle dynamics

 Key features

  • Highly personalised training
  • Enhancing driver awareness and attitude.
  • Smooth use of brakes and accelerator
  • Responsiveness and awareness of surroundings
  • Driving Simulators for higher order training
  • Use of controlled driver training venues
  • Increased training format to address issues such as driver attitude and performance


  • Driving technique
  • Initial individual driver assessment
  • DSA technique/driver briefing
  • 4×4 vehicle characteristics and maintenance
  • 4×4 operation in various road environments
  • 4×4 operation in various off-road environment