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No company can afford either the financial

or emotional cost of ignoring this issue

Fleet safety statsIt is well established that work related road trauma is the highest single contributor to work related deaths and injuries. In Australia Work-related Traumatic Injury Fatality figures indicate that over the last seven years, two thirds of workers killed at work were as a result of motor vehicle incidents (Safe Work Australia, 2012).

Despite legislative requirements clearly outlining obligations associated with work vehicle use and risk management, many organisations fail to adequately address risks associated with work related driving. As an example, the driver training programs currently seen as industry best practice may only focus on a narrow range of driving tasks and may not fully address issues where incidents are actually occurring.


That’s where we can help. Driver Safety Australia offers a range of fleet driver training systems, educational solutions and road safety programs to help fleets meet their safety obligations.

Driver Safety Australia has developed a range of programs that can be tailored to your company’s needs, drivers are initially assessed before a relevant and targeted training program is designed to suit your budget and requirements.


No company can afford either the financial or emotional cost of ignoring this issue and not having a relevant education program in place that in the long term will develop a road safety culture.

With this in mind we have outlined an option that Driver Safety Australia would recommend which will assist in achieving your companies desired outcomes and objectives, the aim of the program is to provide a hierarchical approach to work related road safety and contribute to the ongoing professional development requirements of your company fleet and employees. It is also structured to provide a uniform and cost effective road safety training program to drivers across your company, this will help to establish a core set of fleet safety principles that will compliment your company’s corporate values as well as a set out a best practice framework.

The program will establish a standard for the organization and provide a set of competency grading benchmarks to facilitate individual driver assessment.

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