Risk Assessment


The first step in implementing any safety counter measure is to assess the risk.


Driver Safety Australia has developed an on-line risk assessment tool to establish an initial grading system for every driver in the fleet.


This easy to use online program is based on Australian road conditions and evaluates four critical competencies using a sit-at-their-desk online assessment. The areas covered include:


  • Drivers’ attitude
  • Knowledge (road rules)
  • Concentration & observation
  • Hazard perception
Risk Assessment Online Course

Based on their results they will be rated High, Medium or Low Risk drivers. These ratings determine their likely levels of knowledge associated with the road rules as well as their attitudes to driving (road use) and behaviour behind the wheel.

The Risk Assessment is used to gain an understanding of the training requirements of all staff. It’s an accurate and cost effective way to determine the driver safety needs of employees.

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