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These days we seem to be in constant demand and constant contact.

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Driver Safety Australia

Driving Courses and Fleet Safety Management

Driver Safety Australia is leading the way in road safety through innovative solutions that combine unique program design with technology, to deliver efficient driver training nationally to  individuals, schools and corporate organisations.

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Driver Training

We have set new standards of excellence in the post licence driver training field and we have revolutionised several aspects of driver training in Australia to deliver an unrivalled level of expertise.

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Driver Training

Risk Management

No company can afford the financial or emotional cost of ignoring this issue and not having a relevant education program in place that in the long term will develop a road safety culture.

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Risk Management

Online Course

In addition to delivering advantages in training consistency, access and operational cost efficiency, on line training provides a number of benefits in terms of capacity to learn and retain information

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Online Course

Fleet Safety Management.

Manage your risk

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Don’t take our word for it. Here are a few of our happy clients to tell you all about us.

As a large business employing a combination of corporate and field employees who drive for a large portion of their day, we had an increasing challenge to provide relevant and attention-grabbing training. Driver Safety Australia understood our specific needs and were flexible in their approach to developing a customised training program for us. Their professionalism and always timely response was not only appreciated, but ensured the final product was exactly as we had envisioned and certainly hit the mark. We’ll certainly be using Driver Safety Australia for any future driving safety needs.

Patricia Pereira

Workplace Health & Safety Manager, Unisys Australia & New Zealand | Environmental Health & Safety APJ

Skilltech is a nationwide company servicing the Utilities industry. We have almost 200 drivers out on the road, driving in all conditions, almost every day of the year… From the word go, Russell and his team have displayed an outstanding level of expertise in the field of ‘Driver Safety’.
Our business is relatively inexperienced when it comes to implementing initiatives to improve safety for our drivers. have provided us with the means for our business to take a vital step forward in this area, steering us safely on the road to making good drivers better.

Bryan Toohey

Fleet & Communications Manager, Skilltech

At the recent launch of the Isuzu D-Max range of vehicles, Russell and his team ensured the program ran faultlessly. Whenever we are planning either a drive day or corporate event, we just phone and know it will be taken care of

Gary Ferraro

National Fleet and Government Manager, Isuzu Ute

Driver Training

We have set new standards of excellence in the post licence driver training field and we have revolutionised several aspects of driver training in Australia.

School Programs

We can partnered with Super Cheap Auto to create CARMA. CARMA is behavioural and skill-based road safety training campaign for Australian schools and universities.


We can design road safety presentations and events that provide an engaging learning platform whilst complementing your company’s OH&S philosophy.


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Famous Last Words Podcast

          I first met Russell White in 1992 when under the guidance of racing legend Frank Gardner, he was part of the BMW Driver Training team who were preparing a bunch of egomaniacs for that year’s Australian Grand Prix Celebrity Race. Yes, I was one of the “wanna-be” race drivers let loose on the streets of my hometown Adelaide, in brand new BMW318i’s, and I had a ball. I not only had an incredibly memorable weekend, but I guess more importantly, I learned a lot about car control from the likes of Russell. Russell went on to form his own driver training company ‘Driver Safety Australia’ and over the last 30 years has become one of Australia’s leading Road Safety advocates. He’s an author, speaker and is regularly asked to comment on road safety and general motoring issues, as well as being the driving force behind the ‘Australian Road Safety Foundation’, an organisation formed to create initiatives that address the devastating impact road crashes have on our society. Listen to Podcast... read more


The month of March is “Check It Awareness Month” Regular vehicle checks and maintenance keep you and your car safer and reduce the probability of a breakdown. It is important to keep your car in great condition to support your road journey particularly in the lead up to your Easter Road Trip. Learn how to check it online now with Supercheap’s short videos.  Visit  Need some support with your checks?  Call your local SCA... read more

Supercheap Auto ‘Check It’

MEDIA RELEASE     UNSAFE CARS FUELLING INCREASED ROAD RISK FOR YOUNG DRIVERS New research looks under the bonnet of key road risk factors for New Zealand youth Despite already being the most vulnerable group, new research has revealed that young drivers are increasing their risk of road trauma by allowing basic safety essentials to go unchecked. In fact, the new data from Driver Safety New Zealand released today has shown that four in five drivers aged 25 and under, own a car that is more than a decade old. Despite this, two thirds of young New Zealand drivers are guilty of not undertaking any regular checks on their car – either leaving it to someone else or naively believing a warning light would alert them to any safety issues. Even when faced with a specific issue like a broken headlight or worn windscreen wiper, the research revealed that young drivers are six times more likely to blow $50 on a meal out with friends than they would on fixing a vehicle safety concern. In fact, young drivers are more likely to spend money cleaning their car than they are fixing a critical safety issue. Alarmingly, the research also showed that 40 per cent of those aged 25 and under, have driven a car they knew had a safety issue at the time. Driver Safety Australia & New Zealand founder and CEO Russell White said this frightening research was not only endangering the lives of young drivers, but road users generally. “Car crashes happen in an instant, and in that moment, having a car in safe condition can be... read more