Online Driver Training Programs

Driver Safety Australia provides online driver training services such as Individual Risk Assessments, Online Driver Training Courses and Driver Safety Tip Videos. 

In-vehicle Driver Training

In-car driver programs include but are not limited to, On-road Evaluations, Accredited and Non-Accredited Defensive Courses for Light Sedans and 4×4 Off-Road Training, Towing and Reversing and Specialised Drive Days.

School Driver Training

The School Driver Awareness program is a behavioural and skill-based road safety training program for Australian schools and universities.  Education for young drivers includes classroom presentations, simulator training, static and in-car drive days. 

Simulator Training

Driver Safety Australia launched the country’s first driving simulator that put both student and fleet drivers in realistic Australian on-road situations.  The simulators can be used in schools and on location in businesses that value driver training as part of their education and health and safety policies.


EyeGym is online Visual Intelligence Training to enhance skills at making faster, better decisions.

Developed by leading sport scientist and performance coach Dr Sherylle Calder, 10 minutes training per day heightens memory, concentration and coordination.

Event Management, MC and Key Note Presentations

Driver Safety Australia has extensive experience in designing and conducting specialised road safety events.  We offer a complete event management program to ensure successful activation no matter the audience or location.

Specialised Content and Multimedia Resources

Driver Safety Australia offers the development of specialised training content including video production, induction tools, webinars and targeted safety campaigns.

General Consultancy and Policy Development

Driver Safety Australia can provide consultancy for presentations, policy development and special projects. Through our vehicle telematics partners, we provide vehicle data systems that can ensure you manage your organisation’s people, work and vehicles.

Unique Driver Enhancement Programs

Driver Safety Australia’s Automersion programs are designed to improve every aspect of your driving experience.

“The Road Safety videos have been a great success and the best work we’ve seen. Great finished product.”

– Telstra Fleet

“Excellent presentation, excellent content, an all-round excellent course.”

– Bank of Queensland

“First class, I would definitely recommend this course to others”



We deliver a level of professionalism and customised service previously unseen in the post-licence and corporate driver training field.

EyeGym – More than just hand/eye coordination

Drivers not only need to concentrate on physical driving, but constantly make calculations that lead to critical decisions on the road. Good depth perception (for accurate steering judgment as in approaching the apex of a corner) and the ability to integrate...

e-scooter – a timely reminder to follow the rules

A Queensland woman is in a critical condition in hospital after crashing an e-scooter on a Brisbane road. It's the latest e-scooter accident to land a Queenslander in hospital, following a sharp spike in incidents owing to the transport options increasing popularity....


DON'T MISS OUT! Secure your spot to ride shotgun in an Aston Martin Vantage to raise vital funds for Women and Children facing Domestic Violence. ...

WIN! Help Raise Funds for Domestic Violence

Help us support women and children facing domestic violence. Russell White will be dusting off his dancing shoes to raise vital funds for Women and Children facing Domestic...


                    Well know Australian broadcaster, Glenn Ridge recently interviewed Driver Safety Australia. I first met Russell White in 1992 when under the guidance of racing legend Frank Gardner, he was part of...

Young Kiwis Implored to Drive Down Road Deaths

      National research uncovers key road risk factors amongst New Zealand youth New research released today has revealed young New Zealand drivers are fuelling the risk of road trauma by lacking basic car safety knowledge and skills. The data from...

Young Australians Implored to Drive Down Road Deaths

          YOUNG AUSTRALIANS IMPLORED TO DRIVE DOWN ROAD DEATHS National research uncovers key road risk factors amongst Australian youth   New research released today has revealed young Australian drivers are fueling the risk of road...

Unsafe Cars Fueling Increased Road Risk For Young Drivers

MEDIA RELEASE           UNSAFE CARS FUELING INCREASED ROAD RISK FOR YOUNG DRIVERS New research looks under the bonnet for key road risk factors among Australian youth Despite already being the most vulnerable group, new research has revealed...

Too many drivers with the Pedal to the Metal

Despite tougher driving tests and greater driver education the numbers of Queenslanders being pinged for speeding continues to climb. Last year, more than 700,000 drivers were issued more than 900,000 fines and those numbers don’t include the Christmas period. More...

Supercheap Auto ‘Check It’

    UNSAFE CARS FUELLING INCREASED ROAD RISK FOR YOUNG DRIVERS New research looks under the bonnet of key road risk factors for New Zealand youth Despite already being the most vulnerable group, new research has revealed that young drivers are increasing their risk of...

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