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Visual Awareness Training

Your eyes, like your body and brain, need regular training to perform at their best. EyeGym is cutting edge online software training that improves your visual awareness, visual performance, processing and response skills. All these skills are essential in remaining safe on Australia’s roads.

Why Use EyeGym?

EyeGym is scientifically proven to improve:
Your concentration, attention to detail, comprehension and memory
Your response times, coordination, peripheral and spatial awareness
The speed at which you see, interpret, decide and act

Real Results

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Drivers need exceptional visual performance and decision-making skills. This involves input skills through the eyes, processing skills in the brain and the ability to get the body to respond and make an accurate decision. These skills are trainable and create better drivers.

Dr Calder says: “There’s more to it than eye/hand coordination. You need to sharpen various skills for example, your visual reaction time, your ability to recognize changes, your peripheral awareness, and your ability to judge distance and make effective decisions while driving.” In a dynamic driving profession and for everyday driving, a driver who is visually fit is able also to be focused and to concentrate better, and for longer periods of time. Drivers not only need to concentrate on physical driving, but constantly make calculations that lead to critical decisions on the road. Good depth perception (for accurate steering judgment as in approaching the apex of a corner) and the ability to integrate information from the central and peripheral visual field (when amongst other vehicles) are some of the important visual performance skills used.

The ability to react with precision at speed is crucial, says Dr Calder, a world pioneer and Sport Scientist. If drivers are distracted for a moment, they already have lost crucial information of what is happening around them in that time. As a result, drivers need to have peak visual fitness as 80-90% of information taken in is visual!

Driving a motor car is possibly the most technically difficult activity that the average person will ever undertake yet despite its complexity we continue to allow drivers to take to the road in a hopelessly under prepared state.

Arguably, the most important perceptual abilities associated with driving are visual abilities. It has been estimated that drivers obtain between 85% to 90% of the information necessary to drive via visual systems inputs.(SOURCE: Malfetti and Winter, 1986 (reported by Llaneras, Swezey, Brock, Rogers and Van Cott 1998))

Scientifically developed for optimum results;

EYEGYM VISUAL AWARENESS – trains your brain to be aware of everything in your field of vision.

EYEGYM DECISION-MAKING – trains your brain to evaluate more options faster in order to make the best decision.

EYEGYM REACTION TIME – trains your body to react faster to signals from the brain.

We are distracted by our phones approximately 150 times per day.  10 minutes of visual awareness training per day counters the negative effects of excessive screen time.

84% of EyeGym users reported a positive effect on their performance within 4-6 weeks of dedicated training with EyeGym.

Eye Train, My Brain to:

Glenn Stewart

AFL West Coast Eagles 2010 Sport

“We have been using Visual Performance Training for 2 years with selected players. Our research with decision making has shown really encouraging outcomes and player feedback has been extremely positive”

Greg James

Founder of JAG Foundation and CEO of Sagitta Group Business

“EyeGym has made me aware of the role that Visual Skills Training makes in the corporate world. I visually observe and make effective decisions based on this. The ability to concentrate is also a vital skill neglected by businesses and can be trained on EyeGym. This also impacts the productivity of employees and it made a difference in my ​mountain biking!”

Jan Celliers

Primary School Education

Jan Celliers Primary School have been training in the EyeGym since 2018. Significant improvements have been shown in comprehension skills, concentration and focus providing significant Educational value. This Visual Intelligence Training has not only impacted the decision making skills of learners but also offered a competitive environment enjoyed by all. There is also great feedback from parents regarding the impact of EyeGym.

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