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Community Bus Driver Training

Educational Approach to Road Related Safety and Contribution to the Professional Development of Bus Drivers

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We can help you to manage the single greatest risk in your day-to-day operations. Reducing work-related road crashes reduces harm, improves productivity and reduced operational costs.

Community Bus Driver Training Program

Community Bus Driver Training provides an approach to work related road safety and contributes to the professional development of the school’s bus drivers.

The workshop is designed to provide an overview on a number of higher order skills as well as insight training and its application to general road use and vehicle operation.

Program Topics

  • Applying road safety strategies and understanding work related road safety
  • Safer interaction with other road users
  • Understanding human factors
  • Vision, perception and pro-active driving technique
  • Awareness of factors to reduce road harm
  • Factors that impact human performance
  • Recognizing motor vehicle road crash risks
  • Managing various on-road scenarios
  • Application of biomechanics, situational awareness and higher order skills
  • General group discussions regarding on-road experience

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