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We have set new standards of excellence in the post licence driver training field and we have revolutionised several aspects of driver training in Australia.

Whether you’re looking for online programs, classroom presentations or in-vehicle driver training, Driver Safety Australia can help.

What makes our training content unique from our competitors is our focus on driver bio mechanics and performance ergonomics.  These are critical safe driving skills, that complement vehicle operation, reduce fatigue and distraction whilst also enhancing attitude, observation and concentration.

At Driver Safety Australia we continue to “research the research” and integrate the latest findings in human factors and road safety research into our training programs.  Our programs consistently evolve and are not fixed to the standard “run of the mill” or “one size fits all” content, giving Driver Safety Australia a unique point of difference which allows us to set new standards in innovation and content delivery.

This approach also allows us to provide highly customised driver training solutions to match every client’s specific requirements.  We can deliver tailored solutions more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Defensive Driving and Off-Road

Providing pro active road safety skills, techniques and confidence to enhance driving ability.

Workplace Safety Programs

Providing road safety skills, techniques and confidence to enhance driving ability.

Accredited Programs

Nationally aligned competencies for developing attitude, skills and knowledge.

School Programs

Educating and Empowering our youth for a Safe Future.

Community Bus Driver Training

Educational approach to work related road safety and contribution to the professional development of the bus drivers.

Our Driver Training Is Based on Innovation, Research, Knowledge And Experience

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