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Driver Safety Australia Launched Australia’s First Driving Simulator That Puts Student And Fleet Drivers In Realistic Australian On-Road Situations

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This high tech innovation brings to driver training the simulation technologies employed by NASA, airline and fighter pilots and even surgeons. It sets a new standard in how we train and educate drivers.

The instructor can easily supervise the student as they experience a vast array of training possibilities in a range of driving conditions.
This means that there are almost unlimited training possibilities with multiple driving conditions and hazards.

It also provides the ideal environment for drivers to learn higher order skills such as hazard perception and scanning in various traffic scenarios. The system tracks the individuals driving performance and logs their training data.

Finally, simulator training is environmentally friendly, safe and cost effective.

Our driver training simulators are based at our head office in Yatala, Queensland.  They can be transported off site for large group training sessions.

Simulation software provided is specifically driver training designed and not PC/PS4 standard off the shelf software.

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