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Road Trauma Is The Biggest Killer Of Australian Children Aged Between 1 And 14

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The School Driver Awareness program is behavioural and skill-based road safety training for Australian schools and universities. This driver education initiative is designed to better equip both young drivers and their parents with well researched proven skills and techniques to create better drivers on our roads.

Road safety is a major issue in Australia and of equal concern is the number of incidents and fatalities involving young drivers.

The crash risk for drivers is highest in the first 6-12 months of solo driving. People aged 17-24 years are one of the most at risk groups on the road. They are two and half times more likely to be killed in a crash than any other age group.

The School Driver Awareness program has been specifically created for Year 11 – 12 high school, and first year university students. It teaches high level foundation driving skills that are often missing from pre-license training. The aim is to encourage young drivers to think more about their driving behaviour and habits, while honing in on their skills and knowledge to increase their awareness levels.

While part of the program focuses on educating students about important road safety rules, there is a significant emphasis on driving techniques. Such behaviours include correct seat positioning, braking and accelerating techniques, hand placement and steering, bio mechanics and vision.

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